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Dégustation Vegas

degustation-vegas-vinsBlind test three wines and try to guess their particularities in the returning favorite game. There is a Quebec wine among them, will you be able to find out which one it is?

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Zone des petits raisins
Dégustation vegas
September 5th, 2015
Everyday from 12h30 to 1h45 and from 2h to 3h45

COST: 5 TICKETS Blind taste 2 international wines and one Quebec wine in this fun game where you will learn the rudiments of wine! Will you be able to pinpoint the local one? About Geneviève Thibault: A sommelier and a wine expert for Vins au Féminin, Geneviève is the co-owner of Les Celliers Klement and has cumulated over 15 years of experience working in some of the most renowned restaurants.

Everyday from 3h to 5h

COST: 10 DOLLARS buy online at fetedesvendanges.com Learn the rudiments of wine with this fun game animated by the Fête des Vendanges' spokeswoman and the president of Vins au Féminin, JESSICA HARNOIS. Accompanied by the most mediatised wine figure throughout Quebec, you will blind taste 2 international wines and one wine from Quebec. Will you be able to pinpoint the local one? BONUS! Some well-known celebrities will also be in attendance. Can you do better than them?